Fast Facts About Me: Alycia Marie

I realized my introduction to me in my old blog was from several years ago.  I think it is important for someone to understand the lens a blogger is observing the world through. Mine is through a Jesus-loving, passionate, social worker perspective.  Here are 50 fast facts to assist you in understanding my perspective on life:

image1. My name is Alycia Marie.

2. I am 25 years old.

3. I am a proud owner of a 1 year old puppy named Wyatt Earp.

4. I have a soon to be 18 year old sister!

5. I have very young parents.

6. I have 4 grandmothers and 4 grandfathers (all living).

7. My favorite color is mint blue.

8. I have a CNA from Waukesha County Technical College.

9. I have lived in 5 states, 3 of them twice!

10. I have a BS in Psychology from Wisconsin Lutheran College.

11. The longest I have lived anywhere is 8 years in St. Louis.

12. I have a Master’s in Social Work with an emphasis in Child & Family.

13. I am a country, city girl. I prefer living in the country but being able to visit the city.

14. I have been to at least half of the states in the USA.

15. I love road trips.

16. I am an extroverted introvert.

17. I love people.

18. I have worked with people from the unborn to 90 years old.

19. I love kids.

20. I have a photographic memory that sometimes forgets.

21. I want to own a home one day and host people every Sunday dinner to build community.

22. I have worked with pregnant women and teens for going on 5 years.

23. I want to be involved in women’s ministries for my whole life.

24. I am a bookworm.

25. I have a chronic illness.

26. I write for Tirzah magazine.

27. My best friend lives 2 hours from me and we met when we became roommates.

28. I had two best friends in college and everyone called us The Three Musketeers.

29. I want to own a farm.

30. I enjoy painting buildings and have assisted in painting 2 of the offices at my work.

31. One of my hobbies is decorating.

32. I spend 2 hours a week on my planner.

33. I spend at least 5 hours a week of my work driving.

34. My favorite car feature is my sunroof.

35. I love country music and hip hop.

36. I love zip lining.

37. I am going skydiving with my Grandpa Pat and sister next summer.

38. I would rather camp than stay in a hotel.

39. I would love to do public speaking, have kids, and write a book one day.

40. I tried being a vegetarian but now eat meat almost every meal.

41. Kentucky is my favorite place on earth.

42. Wisconsin is becoming my home.

43. I love to volunteer with Compassion International in my spare time.

44. Mexico was my first time of the United States.

45. I love to create new food dishes.

46. I have 4 best friends.

47. My favorite tv show is BONES.

48. I did not have a tv growing up.

49. I love Superman.

50. Most importantly,  Jesus is the most important part of my life. He gave me my calling, my car,my family, my puppy, and everything I have.  He is my very best friend.




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