Connecting to Christ

“…I find holy redemption, When I put this car in drive, roll the windows down and turn up the dial…” (Maren Morris)  It’s a sunny day in Kentucky and I’m cruising with the windows down and sunroof open.  The radio’s blasting with my favorite Jonathan Thulin album.  In that moment I feel closer to God then when I am anywhere else in the world.  When I lived in Kentucky I spent hours in the car driving for miles in some of God’s most beautiful creation – the Appalachian mountains.  There are so many ways to connect with God on a daily basis.  I am so fortunate to have such a simple way to connect with God on a daily basis.

My pastor recently preached on the many ways you can connect with God.  Nature and words are my two favorite ways to connect with God.  You can imagine how I relate to the lyrics by Maren Morris about finding redemption with the music on, car in drive, and the windows down.  This is something I can do on a daily basis too!  What do you do on a daily basis to connect with God?  It is vital to our spiritual, mental, and physical health to connect with God.  Matthew 6:33 says: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.”fullsizerenderIn order to seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness you have to understand who He is and what his plans are for you.  This must be done through daily connection.  This can be done through driving through the mountains, attending a liturgical worship, serving your community, reading the Word, praying, dancing, creating art or music, and any other number of ways.  Each person has their own unique connection to Christ.

Personally, I do connect with Christ through nature.  However, I am a strong believer in everyone praying and reading their Bible daily.  If you hate reading – listen to an audiobook or Scripture songs (Beckah Shae has a great Scripture snacks album).  Praying can be done in your car on the way to work or while you are laying in bed.  Recently I read something really great about prayer in Tim Tebow’s book Shaken.  He said that when you cannot sleep pray for other people.  This is just many of the ways to connect with God.

Another thing I do to connect with the Word is vary the ways I learn about it.  I start my day with a daily Bible reading.  During the week I read a Bible Study to learn about other’s perspective on the Bible.  I also like to read a chapter a day of a Christian living book to expand my knowledge about how the Bible relates to modern Christianity.  A caution with this would be to watch out for whose books you are reading.  There are many people who take the Bible and twist it for their own agenda.  Do not let that deter you from learning from others however.  Some great writers I would personally recommend are C. S. Lewis, Jennie Allen, Lysa TerKeurst, Blackaby, Francis Chan, and Beth Moore.

This was a lot of ways I connect with Christ.  I would like to encourage you through this to find your own ways to connect with Christ.  Every person has their own gifts and they have been given them to draw closer to God.  Find how you can use your gifts to connect with Christ.  If you do not know what your gifts are start connecting with Christ to figure them out.



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