Bible Study Resources

As many of you know my heart is working with women – especially women in the most formative years of their lives: 18 – 30 year olds.  As I grow older, I find there is a gap of resources for women who are in their 20s – 30s.  The following resources are great for this group.  I have personally looked over these resources and highly recommend!  When I find more resources I will continue to share them.


She Reads Truth: This is a website devoted to selling amazing, modern Bible studies and plans based solely on the Bible.  They also have a program called He Reads Truth.  I am beyond excited that they are going to be releasing a Bible in April!!!!!


Tirzah Magazine: This is a magazine devoted to helping women grow in God and become Set Apart.  I am especially fond of this magazine as I have been one of their writers for about 6 months now.  I can tell you that Yelena’s heart for this magazine is incredible.  Tirzah Academy recently started and is free to join!  It will be a group of women devoted to studying the Bible and living it out.  They also have an online Bible Study group.


Entrusted by Beth Moore is probably my favorite Bible Study I have ever done!  I recently completed this and highly recommend it to any woman or man in their 20s or 30s.  If you believe God has a calling in your life but think you’re not in a place to carry that out.  This Bible Study will change you.  It prepares you for following your calling NOW.  Entrusted uses Paul’s guidance to Timothy as he prepared to minister.  Use the gifts God has ENTRUSTED to you now!


Pray & Wait


Have you ever had a dream you wanted so bad it was all you could think about?  Have you ever been given a promise by God and felt like it was not being fulfilled?  I believe that all of us would say we have been in this spot at some point in our lives.  Throughout this week I have heard several pastors discuss “the middle”.  This could also be called “the waiting”.

We all have been given dreams, desires, and purpose.  However, it takes time for these dreams to come to fruition.  That is when we find ourselves in the middle.  This can be the season that it is the hardest.  The devil comes along and tries to attack your mind.  He gives you other dreams that can attack/distract from your true purpose.  He disguises them so well that you think this has to be the right thing.  It is not.

A lesson I have learned in recent weeks is that God is ultimately in control.  You have to believe that God has a purpose for your dreams and not run after the closest or easiest things.  Dreams were never meant to be easy – if they were then they would not be as exciting when they come to fulfillment.  There are so many stories you can read in the Bible that demonstrate this (David, the Israelites, Moses, Joseph).  You may find yourself in a trial and feel like giving up.  However, this is not the time to give up.

Instead of giving up on your dreams, give them over to God.  A friend and I recently discussed waiting on dreams and the phrase “Pray and Wait” came up as a theme.  When you are in the waiting, pray and wait.  God has control and He will tell you when the time is right.  In the meantime talk to God and then talk to your Godly friends.  Focusing on God and having connections with meaningful and Godly friends.  When the time is right you will rejoice with God and your friends over the blessings that come.