Dream On

People were created to be dreamers.  God gave us callings and dreams to fulfill.  Several friends and I have been having discussions about fulfilling our callings and staying true to the correct path and dreams the LORD has us on.  Sometimes that means saying “no” to opportunities that are offered but not meant for us.  That may mean not chasing every distraction that is thrown your way.

One of my friends and I heard a sermon not too long ago that discussed keeping life simple.  God did not call us to a life of confusion and complexity.  He made life simple for us if we listen to his voice and follow His plan.  So if you have dreams that have been put on your heart, write them down and create a vision.  Turn your dreams into a vision.  Create your own personal manifesto (This idea came from Overwhelmed by Katie Lipp).  Consider creating your own manifesto to be a guide for you (I have included my own on this post and you are welcome to share yours if you feel comfortable).  I’ll leave you with this lyric by For King and Country:

To the dreamers

Wide-eyed believers

Hanging onto hope by a thread

To the soulful

Heart open hopeful

Keep on charging ahead