Pave the Way


“Anywhere you wanna go I can PAVE THE WAY”

(Britt Nicole ~ Pave)

Sometimes God calls us off the path – away from the every day and mundane – and into the extraordinary.  There are times you expect it and times you are AMAZED beyond belief.  Throughout the winter season and part of the fall, I found myself more in a winter season of my life.  I was discontent with the way my dream job was turning out and with the place I was in life.  However, DISCONTENTMENT can be a sign of GROWTH and PREPARATION for a season of change.

Somewhere along the way I became CONTENT with where I was in life and wanted to stay there.  GOD does not call us to a life of CONTENTMENT but one of GROWTH and constant MOVEMENT.  I have found myself in a season of spring and one of GROWTH.  God placed some amazing people in my life who reminded who I am and that I have always been a LEADER and not a follower.  God gives us each unique ROLES and we need to EMBRACE them.  God made me a DREAMER, LEADER, AND A FIGHTER.

One of my friends and I spent the other day researching what our names mean.  It turns out that my first and middle name mean NOBLE REBELLION.  Names can truly define you.  In light of what I have chosen to do with my life, this meaning could not be more appropriate.  God has always PAVED a unique path in my life.  Recently, a friend who has accomplished so much already in life reminded me of a Scripture.  Let no one despise you for your youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in charity, in conversation, in spirit, in faith, in purity. ~ 2 Timothy 4:12

This verse has been the one that GUIDED me when I chose to be one of the youngest to work overnight by myself on third shift in charge of a houseful of teenage mothers.  It is the one that LED me to finish graduate school as a social worker at the age of 22.  I was guided when I chose to teach women how to be mothers even though I am not currently a mother.  It is the one that always guided me to know my PATH is my own and GOD will GUIDE me.  During my season of winter, I could feel that I was on the brink of something GREAT.  I started to be reminded of my DREAMS, CALLING, AND GIFTS.

Since that season I have started to receive AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES.  Remaining open to GOD’S DESIRES has allowed me to do more for HIM that I could believe.  I was privileged to be a part of the launch of BABY BOX UNIVERSITY in the city of Milwaukee.  Last month I accepted the position of associate editor of TIRZAH MAGAZINE.  I always dreamed that my writing would become something and now I have been given the opportunity to work with a magazine that focuses on assisting young women in becoming women of God.  Tonight I got to meet the director of TIRZAH MAGAZINE and found a kindred spirit who has the same CALLING to see young women reach their full potential.  I also had the opportunity to start a ministry with one of my best friends.  She has a similar calling to REACH young women.  We have had the privilege of starting a young women’s ministry called REDEFINING FEMININITY.  Through it we are getting to reach today’s women through videos where we talk about what GOD’S ROLES are for women in today’s modern (and confusing) society.

When you remain open to what GOD can do through you, PATHS open that take you to AMAZING places.  During a recent women’s retreat, it was laid on my heart that my time of WAITING is done and it is time for a season of DOING.  One of the biggest DESIRES that has been in my heart for several years now is opening a home for teenage mothers – especially those who have nowhere else to turn.  I am beginning to take the steps towards forming a non-profit and looking for a house.  I contacted the state of Wisconsin and they are thrilled and keep sending me possible funding opportunities.  This has all come about simply by listening to the will of God.  I may be 25 years old but with GOD I can do anything.

The future is bright and clear and I am looking forward to what GOD has in store for my future.  Some of my dreams for the future include being a PROFESSOR, POLITICIAN, MOTHER, WIFE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, PUBLIC SPEAKER, and WRITER.  That probably sounds ridiculous for one 20 something woman to think she can accomplish.  The great thing is GOD places desires in our heart for a reason.  When He is at the center of your universe ANYTHING is possible.