God Gives Grace

konstantin-dyadyun-243284.jpgBack in April I wrote an article on commitment for a magazine I write for – Tirzah Magazine.  One of the interesting things about being a writer is NOT that you always have the words to say something but when something occurs in your life writing helps you to process it.  Much of my writing comes from me processing something in the moment or in the past.  This particular article was DEFINITELY written from a place of frustration and annoyance.  To me – I can see the frustration expressed in it, but to others they may see it more as an observation.

Today is a continuation of that article partially from a place of frustration but also from a place of contemplation.  Everything in that article stands true but there is more that could be expressed.  The reality is we live in a society today where many do not know how to say “no” or keep the commitments they have made.  FOMO is the buzz word of the times and lends itself to everyone wanting to do what is best for themself.  In Sunday school this past week, the teacher posed an interesting thought.

What about those of us who do keep our words?  What about those of us who extend our word and get mad when friends back out or people change their mind?  The reality is almost everything we do comes from a heart of hedonism.  James 4:1 says,

What causes fights and quarrels among you?  Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?

The reality is those of us that do keep our word get frustrated because those other people inconvenience US and demonstrate they do not care about US.  Most of the time we are not concerned about those people but more about ourselves and how we were slighted.  We come from a place of hurt and anger that they did not live up to our expectations of following through on their word or demonstrating that they do care about us.

As a Type A, perfectionist I can honestly say that I simply get frustrated that people are not living up to my standards.  I know that those standards are ridiculously high and I do have to lower them to another person’s level (and probably for myself).  For my clients I am great about doing this – people who I respect or consider friends – not so much.  The reality is that each and every one of us has our own things we suffer from and we have to extend GRACE to EVERYONE.  We all have our faults and could do better.  What it boils down to is we need to follow Christ in all situations and put the needs of others above ourselves.  Luke 6:35-36 (Alycia paraphrase) says:

Love and give to EVERYONE, expect NOTHING in return.  Your FATHER extends GRACE to EVERYONE no matter what.  In doing so, you set an EXAMPLE of CHRIST.


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