An Open Letter to Christian Men


Dear Brothers in Christ,

You are blessed to be men. You have been given great opportunities to do great things.  The Lord says He has great things in store for you.  He says that He knows the plans He has for you and that they are grand (Jer. 29:11). He has given you a special role in the lives of women.   The ability to stand up, stand beside, and fight for them.  To demonstrate Christ in your actions and daily lives.

Sadly, there are fewer men doing this today. Somewhere along the way you were told to be passive.  You were told to let women always take the lead, don’t ask out the ladies – let them come to you.  Society told you that women can do anything so you believed you shouldn’t do anything.  That you should sit in complacency and let them always have the lead.  You should dream small and stay in your comfort zone.  God called you to be workers and leaders – not men who sit on the sidelines (Gen. 2:15).  1 Corinthians 16:13 says:

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

God called you to step out of childhood and into manhood (1 Corinthians 13:11). He called you to pursue your dreams and go after them.  He called you to pursue women.  He called you to pursue family.  He called you to pursue careers.  The men of the world are looking at you to set an example.  They watch you and see whether or not you are following God’s commands.  The women are watching you as well.

As someone deeply involved in women’s ministries I can speak to the heart of women. I have spoken to countless women who are watching your actions.  Many women have confessed to me that the desire of their hearts is marriage.  They believe God will fulfill that promise but they don’t know how when they see so many men being passive.  I watch as women with AMAZING talents, gifts, and careers doubt themselves and who they are because they don’t see hope for any man pursuing them.  They wonder if there are men as actively passionate about life and pursuing career and family as they are.  These women also would just love to see their brothers in Christ pursue their dreams in all aspects of life.

This is not to say that all men are this way – I am fortunate to know several men who are pursuing Christ and their dreams wholeheartedly. I have had the blessing of watching men like Joel and Luke from For King & Country create a call to arms to bring back chivalry.  This is not a means to tear you down – it is a call to action and insight into the minds of many Christian women.  God loves you and stands beside you.  He gives you strength and the ability to do anything (Phil. 4:13).

“Be strong and very courageous…that you may be successful wherever you go.”

– Joshua 1:7


A Sister in Christ


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