The Lens Through Which You See the World

aaron-burden-320238.jpgOn an average day are you happy, sad, or mad?  I would say throughout my life I have been called a realist.  I remember being in my online high school and being one of the people personally responsible for getting our discussion boards shut down due to crushing what I felt were idealistic views of other people.  Thank goodness for social work teaching me sensitivity!  We all have our natural pessimistic, optimistic, or realist viewpoints.  You know people have called you those things throughout your life.  The question is are those innate or can they be changed?

In the world of Psychology, there is the theory of nature vs. nurture.  Do you develop your personality because of genetics and biology or environmental factors?  Researchers have spent years studying twins and siblings who were not raised together.  There is still no exact answer and scientists continue to argue.  The reality is there is an answer.

Since I started writing for Tirzah Magazine I discovered that there are different answers to questions but it depends on YOUR source for answers.  For scientists, they are more likely to say our viewpoint comes from biology.  They spend hours studying bodies and textbooks. Psychologists are more likely to say our viewpoint comes from environmental factors. Their hours are spent studying people and animals natural habitats.  I would like to suppose a third answer: the Bible.  This is specifically from a Christian viewpoint.

What if you can become a different person or have a new viewpoint on the world?  That is the cool thing.  You CANNOT innately change who you are or your perspective on life.  You will continue to be the Eeyore or Rainbow of a group.  However, if you are a Christian, your viewpoint begins to change.  Not because you changed it but because God did.  This happens over time and intentionality.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” – 2 Corinthians 5:17 

That is what makes Christians unique and offers change.  God changes people.  Christians viewpoint should come from one source – the Bible.  The great thing is it offers a map for how to live life – God’s viewpoint.  Scientists and psychologists can always study nature vs. nurture.  There are truths to both viewpoints.  The ultimate viewpoint though is the Bible.

The Bible has the power to change your optimist, realist, or pessimistic viewpoints.  It has the ability to change who you believe you are and who you can be.  One of the neat things for the magazine I edit is that everything has to be screened through the Bible and include Biblical support.  I hadn’t necessarily considered that in my writing or in my activities in the past.  The crazy thing is when you spend days screening everything according to the Bible it becomes a natural response.

Every day when you do something you think “What does the Bible say about this?”  Through that you start to make wiser decisions.  You find that life is not always perfect.  Mistakes are made but you know you consulted the Bible first.  This is a new lens/viewpoint.  It should be an ultimate goal for everyone. Textbooks/science/people can continue to argue on how you become who you are but ultimately through God is how you become who you are MEANT TO BE.  Do you screen your life through the Bible? What is your viewpoint?  


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